Our Story is our Struggles

True Struggle Apparel is a brand that represents the struggle of all people. Not only does it represent the struggle, it also represents overcoming the struggle and not giving up while you’re going through tough times. "TSA" which is short for “True Struggle Apparel” was born in 2013 while facing really tough times but I didn't start putting 100% effect into it until 2016, So I can say it was rebirthed in 2016. I decided not to let my situation dictate my future! True Struggle Apparel defines many walks of life. It defines the college kid struggling to graduate. It defines those battling with health issues. It defines the kids or families with no food wondering where the next meal will come from. It defines the individuals that grew up with no family and had to struggle to find his/her own way to make it in life. It defines the foster child that struggles with having to be sent from home to home and dealing with some tough situations with bad families thats only in it for the money and really don't care about the child. It defines every obstacle that was meant to keep you from your destiny but you shall PROSPER if you don't give up. It also defines the major come back to greatness and learning from the worst things in life to become a better person. NO MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM, YOU CAN STILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Majority of my clothing and accessories are HUGE attention grabbers and people LOVE to be noticed. It feels good when someone actually take the time out to compliment them. Everyone likes to feel good about themselves and my brand does just that. It will make you feel good about wearing it. Everyone has their own "True Struggle" rather rich or poor we all struggled in some type of way. THE GOAL IS TO OVERCOME!