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True Struggle "We care" Logo Bear

Medium Size Stuffed Plush Soft Logo Bear

10” Tall Baby Blue with Red Heart on left foot with Love Written inside heart. True Struggle Apparel on Right Foot “WE CARE” on Center of body

Stethoscope coming around nec


F**k Cancer Tshirts

The story behind these Cancer shirts, Terry Jinx (model in image) is fighting multiple myeloma cancer. This type of cancer isn’t curable but it’s treatable. Terry live day to day with a smile on his face and his head high. He walks by faith not hope! His doctors randomly say to him “ it’s amazingly impressive how well your taking your current situation! His strength needs to be shared for reasons of helping others gain strength in unfortunate situations! He asked if we could partner up to help him on his walk with cancer, so we did! We partnered up on this project to help him generate funds because he can not work while consistently back-and-forth to chemo and different doctors appointments. Your support is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


I love true struggle apparel, it is a walking billboard for survival! You can come from anything, any place and come out of it on top, with more wisdom and without the struggle you wouldn’t be who you are today! It means a lot to me ☺️

Niquey Luvvv

As Long as I have been a customer. I've Never had any complaints whether I'm buying for myself, Brother, Nephew, Husban, They Love it!! Will Always Support True Stuggle Apparel. It's the quality and the Customer Service For me! 😎👏💪

Letitia Sabb

Excellent quality. The sweats were nice and thick. My son absolutely loves the cologne!

Malissa Groh

I really love the quality of their clothes but that True for Her Fragrance have me turning heads. Everyone always asking “what’s that” or giving compliments. Definitely a must buy!

Shamaeia Roy