We created a Teddy Bear out of our Logo… We call it our “Logo Bear” that cares!

The idea came from being alone quarantining from Covid-19 in December 2021. It made me wonder how many others that was currently going through the same thing I was facing and even worst. So I was thinking how can I contribute to bringing a smile to others that’s going through what I’m going through or facing some type of challenges. However we all know that the first thing we buy for our loved ones when they are not feeling at their best is Teddy Bears and Balloons so I figured why not create my own Teddy Bear, but out of our logo! So I started researching and thought about my resources which one of them just so happen to be my cousin that can draw really well. He was on board right away after I explained my vision to him. Then I reached out to a contact overseas to help with the design. I merged their drawings together to come up with the finished project. Even though I have plenty of other resources that can draw I chose my cousin first for a reason. I told him when he was locked up that when he come home I will help him push his talents as being a artist. He don’t believe he is as good as some say he is but he really is that good! So my plan was to get him to draw it and then I needed to find a new resource to actually make the logo bear. That didn’t take me long. A couple of days tops. Once I had the sample made I showed my cousin right away in hopes to build his confidence and it did just that! The manufacturer proceeded to make the sample and after a few adjustments it turned out perfect! I’m a firm believer that “If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand”.